Chris Robinson is a writer of fiction set in any world but this one. He and his spouse Mathilde live in Atlanta with their two dogs—Professor Oak + the Pug—and three quarters of a cat named Legoless. In between day jobs and day dreams, he plays bass with Atlanta queercore powerhouse ozello.

He’d like to say something to the effect of “his work utilizes the fantastical to provide fresh perspectives on the mundane,” but in reality: writing is fun as hell. Whether exploring the constant stream of unlikely scenarios flowing through his brain or winnowing and distilling ideas—then words—into something more palatable to other humans, there is a unique joy to be found in writing. He is currently seeking representation for his debut novel, The DeMarrais Cluster.

what’s with the name?

In middle school, I thought I should choose a nickname for myself (I can’t be the only one) and came up with “chriscrob.” At the time, I was adamant that everyone pronounce it as chris-C-rob. Obviously, no one did, so I grew out of that—but the name survived from Yahoo to Gmail and from AIM all the way to Discord.
10/10 will regret posting this publicly.


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