chriscrob (dot) com

celebrating the life and work of Chris Robinson:
writer, bassist, friend

If you’re reading this, I am in your debt.*

You have either:
* Ignored the pomposity inherent in my use of the phrase “celebrating the life and work…” to describe my (still-living) self.
* Seeing in me humility and strength of character I clearly do not possess, believed me to be dead and are just now learning you have been fooled. 

Either way, thank you for reading. I am convinced my stories do not exist until someone else reads them; the same goes for this silly bit. 

It means a lot.

*there is a third option: this website will likely exist on this plane longer than my current physical manifestation. I owe no debt to those who morbidly visit this encomium seeking knowledge of the dead only to be fooled by my earlier claim to be alive before learning that I was, in fact, less-than-living the whole time. I am loathe to oblige my post-mortem self to accept burdens of any kind. Especially to anyone who assumed I will instantly update this website after my death; I’ll probably pop in at some point, but it might take some time.

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