Tired of the Present? Wake up in the Future with CryoNow™

Travel through time with CryoNow’s patented CryoSleep™ technology.

Live Life on Your Schedule

Why should you be forced to spend your life right now?
Throughout history, humans have fought for freedom. Never before have we had more autonomy to choose how we spend our time. Travel has never been easier; we can also choose where we live our lives.

Shouldn’t you have the right to choose when you spend your life?
With CryoNow™, you can. No longer are you forced to slog through the mundane; never again will you be trapped in the time of your birth. Our CryoSleep™ technology lets you put the world on pause and skip straight to the good parts, however you define them.

Put FOMO to Rest with RightOnTime™

Can’t miss a Mets World Series? Want to wake up if Winds of Winter actually gets published? Our RightOnTime™ Artificial Intelligence lets you sleep soundly with the confidence that you’ll be awake when it matters to you. Sure, you can set an alarm for a specific date—but at CryoNow™, it doesn’t end there. You’ll also build a personalized WakeUp profile so you won’t miss a thing.

Thanks to CryoNow™, my years of waiting are over.
In the morning, I get to watch my Browns win the Super Bowl.

Joey from Cleveland

There’s no one quite like you; don’t settle for one-sleep-fits-all.
At CryoNow™, your WakeUp criteria will be deeply personal and completely confidential. RightOnTime will watch current events so you can wake when your criteria have been met.

Rest Assured with CryoNow™

We get it, cryo can be scary.
That’s why CryoNow™ puts your safety first.

Our Zero Risk screening policy lets you sleep with confidence. Zero Risk means applicants with even a single significant risk factor won’t make the cut. We don’t promise you’ll pass so we can guarantee a successful slumber for every single customer. Whether you sleep for seven years or seventy, there’s nowhere safer than your CryoSleep™ pod.

Don’t eliminate yourself! We have this down to a literal science—let our doctors decide if CryoNow™ is safe for you.

Zero Risk so you can rest easy.

Zero Risk so you can Rest Assured.

Zero Risk:
If you’re approved,
it’s safe to snooze.

Your Future is Already Here

The future doesn’t have to wait. Reach out today and choose your own tomorrow.
The future is now. CryoNow™.


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